The Rapture

After the rapture……

Appetite for marriage would die, appetite for jobs will die, appetite for admission will die, appetite to be the president would die…….

Men of God that missed it will be ashamed to come out from their houses because of shame of their members seeing them.

Christians that missed it will equally be ashamed to go close to those unbelievers they preached to but never gave heed to the gospel message.

I mean after the rapture , those who loved motivational messages will dislike them with passion and shall seek for messages of salvation.

Brothers and sisters, after the rapture, grace on its own accord will cease here on earth. Spiritual gifts will not be available because there will be no holy Spirit to manifest them.

Those who were not raptured will take home belongings of those that were raptured if per adventure it happened in a church service.Those who never believed in rapture shall do so but it must have become too late.

After the rapture, those that missed it shall cry without end and no one to offer a word of hope because it will be all over then.People would love to repent but there would be no Jesus on earth to accept them.

It is only sin that has what it takes to drop any man to hell. There won’t be a second chance. Their only hope would be hell.  Those who can hardly make it to Heaven would have to pay with their own blood as the blood of Jesus would not be available anymore for redemption. ….

Therefore, let us lay aside every weight and sin that do so easily beset us and be genuinely  convert from all our evil ways today because tomorrow might  be too late. ….please let’s pay more attention to eternity. COPIED……….

Welcome to prayerbank

Hello everyone, one of our visions, is prayers for the needy. Now sometimes it seems very difficult to pray to God especially in this present times. When we pray, we believe we should receive instant miracles. Sometimes God answers our prayers instantly, some other times we might not get the answers immediately because what we want might not be God’s immediate choice. Other times, it’s because God has something better planned for us.

The prayer bank is here 24hrs to receive your prayer requests, issues that bother you and assist both in prayers as well as advise.

We know there are many people out there who have so much to give and have the heart and willingness to give but either they are too busy or they are confused as to who to render these help to. Part of our vision  is to form a bridge between this group identified above and the needy.

We all have old clothes and shoes, household items, kitchen utensils etc, lying fallow and taking up valuable space in our homes. Trust me we have one million and one families out there that are in dire need.

We count on you to make this happen………